Handmade Tropical Palm LEAF Earrings, Boho, Tribal, Festival, Fern, Goddess, Beach, Summer, Unique, SEXY, Feather (Flawless Fun Earrings)


Emotion behind the making: It's the idea of wanting to use real leafs and capturing the essance of their beauty, in the closest way possible, with some added tropical flare.

Handmade: Unique, faux leaf earrings with beading.

Materials: Faux fern leaf, rose-gold ball beads, spacer beads, minimal glitter specks, gold ball beads, metal pendant clasp, ear-wire.

Measurements: 3" Length x .5" Width (widest part)

*Leaf & stone shapes and colors may sometimes vary.

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• Im happy to customize any one of my earrings to your specific desire, or we can make a whole new one together!

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