Handmade Fabric & Gem Earrings, Brass, Metallic, Snakeskin, Boho, Tribal, Festival, Goddess, Unique, SEXY, Green (Tropical Goddess Earrings)


Emotion behind the making: There was ,something about this gold and green that just leaked sexy to me. The iridescent/metallic jade snakeskin pattern/fabric, along with the matching faceted gem made me feel like a jungle princess would be wearing these, be that jungle princess..

Handmade: Unique, hand cut and glued fabric on brass, with hand glued matching gem on top.

Materials: Brass squares, metallic jade snakeskin fabric, plastic jade gemstone, glue, metal stud backing.

Measurements: 1.25" Length x 1.25" Width (widest part)

*Fabric & stone shapes and colors may sometimes vary.

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