Handmade Tropical LEAF Earrings, Palm, Boho, Tribal, Festival, Forest, Fern, Goddess, Rhinestone, Flower, Unique (Nature Alive Earrings)


Emotion behind the making: This woman goes on her daily walks and stops to embrace the nature around her. Like stopping to smell the roses, this woman picks up a leaf from the ground and looks at it, I mean, really looks at it. Noticing its vein patterns and the shapes they make, running her finger along the single stem and taking in the fresh smell it offers. She thought to herself, it would be great if the beauty of this could last, and so, these earrings were born.

Handmade: Unique, real looking fern palm/fern earrings, with rhinestone trim.

Materials: Faux fern palm leaf, ribbon clasps, rhinestone trim, white lava rocks, gold metal flat circle beads, ear-wire.

Measurements: 3.5" Length x 1.5" Width (widest part)

*Leaf & stone shapes and colors may sometimes vary.

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• Im happy to customize any one of my earrings to your specific desire, or we can make a whole new one together!

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