Handmade Festival Earrings, Boho, Quill, Tribal, Spike, Runway, Sexy, Unique, Celebrity, Dangle, Tribal (Survivor Couture Immunity Earrings)


Emotion behind the making: This woman is almost non human. Everything she does is so flawless and smooth. She floats in a way, it's so amazing to watch her.

Handmade: Unique porcupine dangle earrings.

Materials: African porcupine quills, red howlite turquoise gemstone needle spikes, metal cap beads, metal chains.

Measurements: Length: 3.1/8" (CAN WE MADE TO WHATEVER LENGTH YOU LIKE) Width: 1/4" (widest part)

*Beads and colors may sometimes vary.

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Thank you for the earrings!

Simply stunning earrings. This kind of design and handiwork is the kind that changes the course of fashion. This versatile design allows me to keep a look of elegant edginess while also still keeping my look organic and original. Great store experience and the seller is just too kind! Will definitely recommend this shop.

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