REAL QUILL Handmade Tribal Necklace, Boho, Spike, Festival, Statement, Sexy, Celebrity, Unique, Native (Survivor Couture Immunity Necklace)


Emotion behind the making: This woman is almost non human. Everything she does is so flawless and smooth. She floats in a way, it's so amazing to watch her.

Handmade: Unique 2 necklace design, made with real african porcupine quills.

Materials: African porcupine quills, red howlite turquoise gemstone needle spikes, gold pewter ring beads, metal beads, wrapped leather, 2 size metal chains.

Closure: Clasp in back.

*Beads and colors may sometimes vary.

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Very striking piece (necklace and earrings!) Beautiful red spikes with very long brown and white quills! Another gorgeous statement piece to wear with edgy day wear! Or any time! Packed very well, great condition! I am such a fan!

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