Handmade Mens Cross Necklace, Bandana, Tribal, Leather, Boho, Metal, Unique, Sexy (Survivor Couture Neckband Necklace (Men's or women's)


Emotion behind the making: I pictured this being worn by a man, but could also be worn by a woman. I call this Survivor Couture because I was thinking about the TV show and how I always see them wearing bandanas etc. I was feeling a more "sexy" version of it. I can also picture this being worn by a rocker/hipster guy in a music video, with a sexy V-neck tee.

Handmade: Unique cut & wrapped bandana, with wrapped leather and metal. Also, adjustable to made it choker style or longer.

Materials: Cut bandana, metal ends and accents, leather wrappings, metal chain, metal cross accent.

Closure: Clasp in back.

*Cross and banana pattern may sometimes vary.

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