Handmade Tribal Earrings, Boho, Rhinestone, Spike, Dangle, Festival, Western, Native, Celebrity, Runway, Unique (Cyber Tribe Earrings)


Emotion behind the making: This woman knows what she wants, and goes after it. She loves an adventure and is not afraid to settle, ever..

Handmade: Unique dangle earrings, with hand wrapped leather cords.

Materials: Rhinestone metal ball beads, cross gemstone beads, leather cord, 53mm metal spikes.

Measurements: 3.5" Length .75" Width (widest part)

*Stone shapes and colors may sometimes vary.

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Wonderful cyber look with a mix of leather cords! Very interesting and beautiful look. Very unique pair of earrings and they are very long! So happy with them, wonderful seller!

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